Motivation 2

“Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.”
Donald Trump


Radio Advertisements

Hello there,

Have there been times when you had wished you could rewind the car radio because you missed the last message or piece of vital information? I know I have wished so many times to have been able to do so as I had missed valuable information that the radio presenters were trying to pass across.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

While listening to the radio in my car today, an advertisement came up,…”This is how the music sounds on your radio” (and the music plays). Then the voice continued…”and this is how it sounds on your phone…Can you tell the difference?”

Honestly, because I was vaguely listening, I didn’t get the first part, and therefore couldn’t tell the difference.

So, I would suggest that when advertising on radio and making comparison between two things, state the first part of the advertisement, then the second part, and then…repeat the first part again…

Your listener will surely pay attention, and get your message clearly!

Have a lovely day!

Knowing your Strengths





Ever wondered why you failed at tasks or jobs roles, or why you found yourself stressed and burnt-out in a particular profession? Do you find that even when you perform the job, you lack motivation to go on? Do you find excuses not to go to work?


Why, you might ask?

The answer to those questions lies within knowing your strengths.. (and weaknesses). What are your strengths? Are those strengths suitable to carry you along in the job? Are you rightly matched for that position based on your strengths?

This explains why recruitment agencies and hiring managers spend a lot of time, energy and money to find the right fit for the job, in particular and organization in general. They seek to match the right candidate with the role by asking questions about strengths and weaknesses during interview stages.


You are unique!

There is something uniquely special about each of us that we need to harness to be able to add value to ourselves and others; if only we are able to look for that ‘something’.

A short while ago, I embarked on a journey of self-awareness, self-knowledge and personal branding and discovered more about myself than I ever imagined. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, what I am good at doing, what my interests are, as well as how I can fit into roles using these strengths.


What are your strengths?

Strengths could be viewed from three different angles

–         Strengths based on one’s personality and behavioral style. For instance, driven, perfectionist, outgoing, etc.

–         Strengths based on one’s knowledge for example computer skills, cooking skills, technical know-how, etc.

–         Strengths based on one’s transferable skills for example analytical skills, communication skills, people management skills, etc.


Being a bit of an introvert by nature and knowing a bit about myself, I used to answer the question about my strengths and weaknesses when asked during interviews as, “My strengths are an excellent time management skill, attention to detail, highly organized and take pride in excelling at my work” Having worked in client services I also add, “I take pride in my exceptional client services skills”.


Are these Enough?

These strengths are wonderful, but in my opinion, not enough to show uniqueness. To be able to find out your unique strengths, there are several “Free online aptitude tests focused on strengths which you can find here or here strengthsfinder.

There are also several paid personality tests offered by consulting companies, which rates you based on different criteria.

Find Your Strengths Today and Watch Your Opportunities Increase!

Bloggers IRL: Get the Most Out of Blogging Conferences

Blog Conferences

The Daily Post

As bloggers, we bathe in the glow of our computer screens as we snatch moments to post between work, school, kids, the gym, the grocery store, the dry cleaners’, soccer practice, dinner with friends, doing the dishes, sleep…

When we find ourselves in a hotel ballroom with a thousand other bloggers — otherwise known as “being at a blogging conference” — it can be overwhelming. With a little preparation, a basic game plan, and a few tools, you can get a lot more from your conferences than a free tote bag: new friends, new readers, new ideas, and new skills (AND the tote bag).

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