Radio Advertisements

Hello there,

Have there been times when you had wished you could rewind the car radio because you missed the last message or piece of vital information? I know I have wished so many times to have been able to do so as I had missed valuable information that the radio presenters were trying to pass across.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

While listening to the radio in my car today, an advertisement came up,…”This is how the music sounds on your radio” (and the music plays). Then the voice continued…”and this is how it sounds on your phone…Can you tell the difference?”

Honestly, because I was vaguely listening, I didn’t get the first part, and therefore couldn’t tell the difference.

So, I would suggest that when advertising on radio and making comparison between two things, state the first part of the advertisement, then the second part, and then…repeat the first part again…

Your listener will surely pay attention, and get your message clearly!

Have a lovely day!


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